Matematikfessor – Description :

We were approched by Edulab, and asked to make a Mascot for their website The mascot was going to be a classic math professor, made in a cartoon style look. We made the model from design to finished model in close cooperation with the team at Matematikfessor. From when we first startet on the project, and uptil today we have made a big amount of different costumes, and tools, and produced hundreds of images. The mascot have been used on the website, in magazines, posters, and a man-size outfit have been made of the character, that a person can wear for preformance. Below you can see a selection of images of the different fessor types made.


Artist’s :
  • Niklas Koefoed : Textures, Shaders, Lighting, Render
  • Kristoffer Nissen : Modeling, Unwrap, Posing

Case Info :